Seeking artists to feature on original TV show

Hi dear readers.

Our original TV show / livestream is looking for artists to feature in a segment!

The show will air on local Minneapolis cable access channels and also be available online.

To produce the segment we will need a few things:

*Links to images of your work to feature on the segment (Ideally somewhere around 4-10 images although this is flexible)

*An artist statement of some kind (An audio recording would be amazing, but text can work too and we can read the statement)

*A link to direct the audience where to view or buy your work

Once the segment is released we will also supply you a copy of the video to use for your own portfolio. Feel free to respond with any questions!

Submissions can be sent to

Seeking artists to feature on original TV show

Now Accepting Submissions

Our independent television show is entering pre-production of season two and we are accepting artists to promote. We display your work in a positive light! Our mission is to support artists, not criticize. Head over to our submission page or email us at



Now Accepting Submissions

The Sketchy Kids are Live – Episode 5

Hi to our lovely readers!

After a bit of hiatus we are pleased to release the final episode of season 1!

This is our ORIGINAL cable access television show that is available online.

We are beginning post production of season two so expect us to be moving on to bigger and better things!

The Sketchy Kids are Live – Episode 5