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Salutations Ashley. It certainly has been some time since we last saw one another. The War was tough & trying times for us all. How have adjusted to civilian life? I hope all is well.

If I may be so bold, I never forgot our victory at Guirgevo. When I reminisce on those days, I can feel the blood rushing through my veins as my body recalls the thrill of battle once more. Our brothers in arms who fell that day will not be forgotten.

And that fateful night at Petropaulovsk, I recall lying with you, underneath the stars, our bodies bloody and broken. I remember the breaking of first light at dawn. We summoned all the courage we had for one final charge. All our hope rested on the Queen’s Naval Forces, the fabled Redcoats, to reinforce and relieve us from our futile struggle. When the ships sunk, all hope was lost and we slipped into despair.

I remember nothing after this time, it was all a blur. It seemed my eyelids closed for just a moment, but when I awoke I was recovering in a medical ward in Eguisheim. After the treaty was formalized in Paris I attended the ceremonies and decorations of the surviving heroes. I saw you at an aristocratic dinner party but the next thing I knew you were gone. I always wondered since that night what happened to your story after Petropaulovsk and the war.


General Sir Collingwood Dickenson

letter to a facebook bot