New Artist Feature: Daily Del Sol

Today I’m sharing a youtube channel:

Del Sol is a really cool artist because his content lives at a crossroads between art, travel, nature and social media. There’s so many interesting dimensions to that. Personally I love when artists have these multiple angles of approach. Each can inform the other!

He seeks inspiration through travel and beyond just destinations but the study of landscape. This is a path well traveled by artists, so part of what sets Del Sol apart is the way he draws the audience in. You can participate in his creations by interacting on youtube! That’s what is so great about his page is that his creations are more than just static images – the audience can get insight into the process and lifestyle that goes into creating art.

We will be sharing more specific content by Del Sol going forward and we’re really excited to explore this awesome content with you lovely readers.

New Artist Feature: Daily Del Sol

Updates: Part 2

Hello again everyone!

I wanted to update on our site here! our custom domain is back!! We are going to be better than ever, centering on our cable access show. We are also enabled for e-commerce so artists will be able to sell their work on our site which will help us bring more value to our creators.

Going forward we will be creating major updates to the site structure to reflect these changes. We’re staying quiet over the summer to focus on recruiting, post-production on Sketchy Kids are Live season 2, and pre-production on Sketchy Kids are Live season 3. Until then we’ll be trickling out content but Fall will have a lot of action!

We are always looking for more artists to join and get their work promoted with us!

Peace and Love!

Updates: Part 2


Hello web-space!

We are revamping a few things here at Sketchy Kids. One of the biggest announcements is that we will be shifting many of our efforts to instagram @sketchykids. Yes we are updating with the times and hope to stay relevant to our audience!

One tough choice we recently made was to allow our domain to lapse. We are now found at We may renew at a date TBA, however the investment was not worth it for our artist community at this time.

We are actively looking for new artists to join our network for free promotion on our new instagram account, facebook page, youtube and cable access show!

We’ll be showing you more very soon!


bus poem

Spokane in the middle of the night
The stars
Dim bus light
Brightness all around still burns
Vast, before the ground and back drops of mountains
The flipped suv
Belongings spread on the side of the high way.
Everyone silent and watching by
Grizzly train car stories are over heard, unable to ignore
Then there is the Detroit man
At the Missoula stop
2 hour layover
With a hole in his heart
Heavy his mind must have been the 3 days prior traveling to meet up with me on our same embark to west coast
He calls it home
I can’t call it anything out of name yet
But the hole was wide and deep and it poured out at me
Restless nights trapped with no outlet for grieving he was feeling
Shock and utter disbelief
2 months
I’m just there listening
Guilty, I cannot feel his pain
they wouldn’t want anyone to
And deep in his hole he knew it to
But it was still there, gaping
bus poem