Happy Holidays from the Sketchy Kids

Seasons greetings!

As the new year and new decade turns over we are happy to wish our lovely audience a blessed upcoming year, and ten years!

We have some fun plans coming through. More videos and posts will be coming. The biggest announcement is this:

Starting January 2020 the Sketchy Kids will be hosting real – life meet ups!

Surely these will be small gatherings to start but will snowball later on! We’re very excited to be doing this and will be keeping the wider audience up to date on these meetings.

Happy Holidays from the Sketchy Kids

thought plumbing

By Alex Harristhal


I wasn’t feeling so hot this day, and my mind was really racing. I had a loong to do list and no motivation, but i wanted to get my mind busy on something physical so I flopped on my bed and doodled this. I felt helpless to circumstances, and this drawing helped me acknowledge that.

Its all pen to paper without penciling, the marks that you see there were erased from a previous sketch. I started in the lower left corner and followed the marks as they led me around the page, a visual map.


I remember I was just straight angry this day, a few weeks ago. There’s a bit of everything in there, frustration, desire, anger, worry, a lil hope, and some kung fu. Like the kite flying drawing, drawing these two pages led me towards understanding what it was I felt.


This woman is a fun experiment, I’m still playing around with those angles some, like her eyes to her nose, and her nose to her mouth. I had been looking at some Picasso and felt giddy. The body is sort of three ideas pushed into one as I was testing them all out.


I wrote all of this a few weeks ago, tryin to regurgitate all this stuff flyin around my thoughts and clogging it up. I had also just rewatched A Scanner Darkly and woody harrelson calls these dudes albino shapeshifting lizard bitches, an upgrade to what i had been saying, spineless lizards. The couple up top on the right I drew in my Fine Arts Seminar class.


This is what it is.




These are some hatched sketches of houses and structures. I really love hatching with a nice smooth pen, getting the lines as parallel as I can and gradually building it up is meditative and nice for distracting the hand while I think.



thought plumbing