Seeking artists to feature on original TV show

Hi dear readers.

Our original TV show / livestream is looking for artists to feature in a segment!

The show will air on local Minneapolis cable access channels and also be available online.

To produce the segment we will need a few things:

*Links to images of your work to feature on the segment (Ideally somewhere around 4-10 images although this is flexible)

*An artist statement of some kind (An audio recording would be amazing, but text can work too and we can read the statement)

*A link to direct the audience where to view or buy your work

Once the segment is released we will also supply you a copy of the video to use for your own portfolio. Feel free to respond with any questions!

Submissions can be sent to

Seeking artists to feature on original TV show

Origami By Jade

Hello there!

Today we wanted to feature something a little different, I have shared many wonderful creations by Jade in the past. And, surely more will come in the future. For now we want to direct our visitors to her webpage at:

I hope it isn’t presumptuous of me to say that we have shared Jade’s work with the world from early on in her career. (Maybe 2 or 3 years now!) It’s been amazing to see her journey and it’s reflected in this awesome website where she has tons of activities, events, commissions and so on to look through.

Please give her page a look it is definitely worth your time!

Peace & Love


Origami By Jade

The Sketchy Kids are Live – Episode 5

Hi to our lovely readers!

After a bit of hiatus we are pleased to release the final episode of season 1!

This is our ORIGINAL cable access television show that is available online.

We are beginning post production of season two so expect us to be moving on to bigger and better things!

The Sketchy Kids are Live – Episode 5

Lyvo and evening bloom – Chapter I,II&III

Here we have a mixtape I made awhile back. I used Lyvo’s tracks that I pulled off bandcamp as the germs for these songs, I remixed, stretched, and changed the tracks around a bit. Lyvo published his project, Chapter I&II, as creative commons which is awesome. I took the tracks and composed some original lyrics to give the songs some form. Thanks for listening 🙂

Lyvo and evening bloom – Chapter I,II&III

Poem by Lyonrah

I’m a simple man
scared terribly 
by the ascendance I feel
through & all about me.
In the echoing crescendo 
herald by the buds
of the stretching spring tree,
in the reply from the
scuttling squirrel 
gathering acorns, pausing,
looking through me,
in the eyes of another 
who holds mine in momentary matrimony,
rather then the usual,
a demonstration a performance,
an assertion of ones own dominance. 
Sometimes it becomes so shockingly clear
that it can’t but cause
a stirring disturbance in me.
A need for coming back,
a need for returning from that place 
whispered of in our dreams. 
I huddle inside my shelter,
a gift so long condemned
as the original sin,
and do as instructed
by the ego within.

Poem by Lyonrah

Pelham – Lost My Mind

Check out this video created by Pelham!

This video features a track off Pelham’s recent release. The location of the video is the iconic Stone Arch bridge in Minneapolis. Pelham, apart from being an original musician, is a producer who is engaged in the overall Minneapolis music scene. He has collaborated with Sketchy Kids by featuring a video in our original cable access television show. He runs Meteor Base, a studio specializing in music production and marketing. Not only that, he coordinates a open mic in Northeast Minneapolis.

Pelham’s work in the community shows in this video. Other musicians in the local scene make appearances in the video, which is really cool for me to see! Unfortunately I was unable to make the shoot myself, but it goes to show that Pelham’s community is on point.

Check out the video and be sure to support local artists!


Pelham – Lost My Mind

I Woke Up Stained

I woke up stained.

I don’t know when it happened

Maybe it was the recent news

Maybe the cold callous city streets

Maybe the steel structure that divides us

Like that steel I am tarnished

My shine is gone unpolished


I woke up tarnished.

I had a silver shine faded away

Maybe my heart glimmers with dreams of renewal

Maybe there is golden age of true justice and sacred peace

Maybe people are starting to change

Like those people I have changed

My heart is gone stained

I Woke Up Stained