Love and Updates

Hi dear readers

After a bit of a break from the project I’ve decided that I won’t be renewing the URL for the site 😦
It’s a sad decision to make but one that is overdue, running the site is about $10 a month and I can’t justify the expense. Once the plan expires the blog will still be up at I believe.

In some ways this represents some kind of an end of the Sketchy Kids project to me. Getting a website was one of the main ways I had of making the project ‘legit’. So here I’ll write a post mortem as it were.

Originally I came up with the idea of Sketchy Kids in a social entrepreneurship class in college. As a musician myself, I knew many creative people in my network and many other plain entertaining characters. I felt if we all banded together, we could create a special place. A platform for artists and by artists.

As I built up the site I gained partners and friends and we collaborated on the site. We searched out all the opportunities we could by making platforms on every social media, doing events and even developing our own TV show. I spent tons of time making posts, doing outreach to artists, and doing all I could to make the project a success.

I think it was a combination of factors that led to this place. I should’ve kept at it and posted more consistently. I also had some personal family problems that gave me no energy to work on anything. In some ways the original idea was flawed, because even if I built a great platform of content it didn’t translate to having an audience big enough to support the project. I thought that by featuring artists, they would share the posts and bring in their audience into the fold. Maybe I wasn’t altruistic enough because this did not happen. Many artists who were excited about being featured didn’t share the posts even. I am not sure why, maybe I was too controlling with the site and didn’t give my partners enough ownership. It could be I just chose a hard area to work on. Or lacked the connections to be successful.

That isn’t to say I view the project as a failure. I feel that helping artists and making them happy was something I did a lot in the heydey of the site. My partners and I created some cool stuff too. I learned a lot about organizing, entrepreneurship, and all sorts of other things. And I’m going to leave the blog and the socials up, maybe I’ll even update them going forward. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself when who knows if anyone will even read this.

Long story short, all you are loved and appreciated! Thanks for reading 🙂

Love and Updates

Drunk On New York

By Peter


Madness is unrefined passion

Passion is exonerated madness

Yak’s milk is sweet

and I drink to no end


No end

like these streets—

I walk every one

and never grow tired


knowing even eternity won’t last forever

and I have a train to catch

out to the countryside, where a mad yak

waits for me


with an infectious smile

with pure milk


which I drink to no end

and think of the endless city streets—

with bronze idols, glass walls,

cemented paths


That is all behind me now

The streets are behind me

The train is behind me

The mad yak is behind me


goading me to keep going to no end

goading me to drink her milk to no end


until the last sap of life is drained

so she can sleep to no end


so her dreams become my dreams

and my dreams travel beyond

the endless city streets

who refuse to sleep


They drink me to no end

consuming the same mad yak visions

that gestate in the womb of slumberless nights

who give birth to babies


that overrun the endless city streets

with cries for yaks milk.

The wails resonate

off skyscrapers as


an admission of want for nothing

other than mother,

an omission of subways, stadium deals,

condo complexes, dreams of electric sheep.


A call for transformation

of pavement to pasture

and the world’s city citizens

to sprout curved horns


grow hooves, don thick coats of fur

and udders and udders

filled with the passion and madness

of yaks milk

Drunk On New York

Five Actions for Wednesday

By Chef Steel

Find two useless things. Unite them together with instant glue or string
Photograph the object

Find a small useless object. Wrap it completely with electrical tape
Photograph the object

Buy or use a deck of playing cards. Shuffle and take a card without
looking at it. Rip up the card into small pieces and put it into a blank
envelope. Put a stamp on it and mail. Wrap up the deck of cards
with masking tape and write on it “Missing in action”.
Photograph the object and envelope

Buy or use a full packet of flower seeds. Open and walk south 25 steps
and throw the seeds in the air. Tape up the seed packet and write on it
“my seeds are sown -(date)
Photograph the object

Find a useless object. Use it as something else for the rest of the day.
Photograph the object. Put the object in a box
Keep the photograph

After each action, keep what you can in a box. Write on the box “Use Now”.
Keep the box for one month on a windowsill. Then leave the box in a public
space i.e. bus seat, mall table, public bathroom mirror or a stranger’s car.
*note what I mean by useless object is something that is common or
broken such as a spoon or fork, a broken watch or earring.

Five Actions for Wednesday

Untitled Poem by Veronica Levels

 By Veronica Levels

My mind once held so much confusion, I wasn’t able to speak a word.
No words flowing out of my mouth
But the silence,
It spoke the unheard.
Tear stained cheeks, I couldn’t even begin to describe the pain.
I had been thru hell and back and I doubt things would ever be the same.
They’d ask how I’m doing, I’d respond with I’m doing just fine.
Being weak is not an option so that’s my favorite line.
Throughout the many months, Jada was my helpful eye.
Promise being my best friend helped me to point out every lie.
Saliha, you’re the one that taught me not to give every situation a reaction
Unless well needed.
Well unhappiness was sentenced to death,
Guilty it pleaded.
I knew no matter how hard I tried, I wouldn’t be able to do this alone.
But I also knew I needed peace and couldn’t be knocked off my throne.
I had left the negative behind and set my main focus on the positive.
The moment I did so I knew it was time to move on
I had to forgive.
I had forgiven those that hurt me in multiple ways, I had forgiven those that treated me as an option most days.
After years and years of held in hate I had forgiven my father. To hold in so much hate I thought why bother.
I had forgiven those friends that turned their backs on me but I swear I’ll never forget how they would ,
Sneak around
And deceive
I forgive you for walking away when things got tough, and I forgive you for misleading me to believe it was love only knowing it was lust.
As I’m looking at the person who hurt me most in the eyes I find myself reminiscing about the pain hurt and lies.
Forgiveness is the key you need to defeat your enemy and once you do so they’re no longer draining you taking away all of your energy.
Forgiving was the hardest, yet most rewarding thing that I ever had to do. I mean how do you forgive someone who didn’t give one care about you ?
Well you do it for you .
One thing I said to myself is whoever put me last, I’m going to put them first.
But I no longer want them to feel what I felt and that includes
The pain
The loneliness
And the hurt.

Untitled Poem by Veronica Levels