Voice Control

By Peter


wave function rolls

over tongue


say it

      say it

                  it again


thoughts like

              french kiss

         ear lick

                       mind meld


right thought (check)

         right speech (check)



                   (right) action


communication out

       of focus


a monkey teaching a dolphin

               to climb a tree

                              both agree that

                        oranges are oranges


peel means skin

        skin does not mean peel

   you can skin a banana

             but you can’t peel a cat

you can tuna fish

                    can the piano

                                             it’s out of tune


false positives

     doubly negated negatives

          placebos work

if you let them


everything is a matter

                                     of percentages

                 90% of the time

         from vegas to wall street

            but I live in kansas


off-broadway is still broadway

           paris is still paris

                   and still burning


I make a claim

                       then stake it

      I have no idea what

                                          that expression means


none of the words I invented

                 are in the dictionary

       I shout them

                      from rooftops

                           on cold nights

                      words are just a song

                               I don’t know the melody


translate english into

                             english into english

               and the original

                             meaning is lost

if it had one to begin with


this corn maze means

            something but

                                is too big

         for me make it

                          out alive

                     I need the bees

                        to dance my way out


I recite my lines      

    stage directions say

                                    to exit left

            I do

                 the curtain closes

                       no one applauds

Voice Control

Homage to the Spanish Armada

By Steve Brooks


On this daylight evening
let’s build something truly absurd
a plank of fog
a mast of peg leg
and skull cannonball
the feeble Galleon sinking
we’ll shoot it past the moon to shine darkly
through the past darkly
Oh morning star of ineptness
orbiting a vagrant path
with a ship of fools
on the day of the dead rising
The one trick pony with fallen rider
leads the procession stumblebum
Put on your mask
your gesture of stupidity
with a drunken fleet of barflies
the army of boozehounds howling
defeated by nature and circumstance
and sixteen eccentric toreadors
prancing on a dead man’s chest
A fiesta with lethal injection
with its silver armor smashed by rocks and wind
the sirens sweetly sing:
Oh Titanic,
Oh XX Valdez,
Oh Challenger, etc., etc.,
Vanity Oh Vanity
how the mighty have fallen
see how they run amok.

Homage to the Spanish Armada