Happy Holidays from the Sketchy Kids

Seasons greetings!

As the new year and new decade turns over we are happy to wish our lovely audience a blessed upcoming year, and ten years!

We have some fun plans coming through. More videos and posts will be coming. The biggest announcement is this:

Starting January 2020 the Sketchy Kids will be hosting real – life meet ups!

Surely these will be small gatherings to start but will snowball later on! We’re very excited to be doing this and will be keeping the wider audience up to date on these meetings.

Happy Holidays from the Sketchy Kids

Updates: Part 2

Hello again everyone!

I wanted to update on our site here!

Sketchykids.com our custom domain is back!! We are going to be better than ever, centering on our cable access show. We are also enabled for e-commerce so artists will be able to sell their work on our site which will help us bring more value to our creators.

Going forward we will be creating major updates to the site structure to reflect these changes. We’re staying quiet over the summer to focus on recruiting, post-production on Sketchy Kids are Live season 2, and pre-production on Sketchy Kids are Live season 3. Until then we’ll be trickling out content but Fall will have a lot of action!

We are always looking for more artists to join and get their work promoted with us!

Peace and Love!

Updates: Part 2


Hello web-space!

We are revamping a few things here at Sketchy Kids. One of the biggest announcements is that we will be shifting many of our efforts to instagram @sketchykids. Yes we are updating with the times and hope to stay relevant to our audience!

One tough choice we recently made was to allow our domain to lapse. We are now found at thesketchykids.wordpress.com. We may renew SketchyKids.com at a date TBA, however the investment was not worth it for our artist community at this time.

We are actively looking for new artists to join our network for free promotion on our new instagram account, facebook page, youtube and cable access show!

We’ll be showing you more very soon!


Sketchy Kids 100th Post! Special Announcement!


This is the 100th post on Sketchy Kids! That is 100 unique works of art, music, and literature!

We are making this special post to announce the production of our very own LIVE TELEVISION SERIES!

It will be aired on local TV as well as livestreamed online on Facebook and YouTube.

if you are interested in presenting your work on the show please contact at thesketchykids@gmail.com



Sketchy Kids 100th Post! Special Announcement!

Happy New Year from the Sketchy Kids

Today is the first day of 2017! It promises to be a wonderful year. It’s hard to believe that in a few months this site will be one year old. We have promoted over twenty-five artists on this site during this time!

The Sketchy Kids is a site for creators to show and promote their work. This site is a rarity in that we are ad-free, and inclusive of all people who wish to display their creations. We celebrate the creative process and free expression. If you or someone you know would like to show on the site, fill in our submission form or email us directly at thesketchykids@gmail.com.

Once again thanks for all your support and happy New Year!!

You might have noticed we took a break from posting in December. This is because we are working new platforms. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements coming soon!

Happy New Year from the Sketchy Kids