evening bloom

Evening Bloom on Spotify

With a touch of electronic ridicule they seem to bring the perfect mix and match for the post modern world in which everything is about to get sucked up into a gigantic vapor-wave powered air balloon. They are the answer to the happening, giving the sounds a dignified purpose by singing a fair amount of resourceful lyrics upon them, joyful and from the heart, mis formed like the elephant man, yet good hearted (also like the elephant man!).

The soulful youthful voice is coming to us as if it had traveled all the way through shitter tweets, fecesbook updates and old fashioned uploads from VHS to YouTube. They sound as if they had traveled far and had gone through a life time of digitalization, softly learning and realizing that becoming a soulless robot isn’t the net neutrality option & that singing passionately is the only way to show off that the process of dehumanizing through social media hasn’t do its full-on damage!

Fully surrounded (almost drowning in means of technological data communications) yet, their chins up the electric mess to create and sing their passionate lost songs & sounds. It’s not a sign of happiness, but one of not giving up to squeeze out that last sight of dignity. So sad, dramatic and yet pretty brave at the same time…