Meet Lulu Blackstar from Afrofate


Hi I’m Lulu, and I want to give a warm welcome to all of my visitors so far.  Afro Fate  is my new home where I will host my services and hopefully, helpful articles.


I started out on reddit, where I made several posts volunteering my services. It didn’t take long before someone was interested.
With my popular reviews incoming it occurred to me that no one could see them.

After setting up a Facebook page everything was good to go. People were happy to leave reviews on my page in exchange for my readings. Something was missing though; It felt so lackluster, not having somewhere a bit more colorful, that I could put more of myself into.

Right when I felt like I was on the brink of making a change that could help my practice, tragedy struck. I became forced to take a break from my readings and the community in order to handle several family deaths and illnesses. It’s was and has been taxing but there is always a light if you create one.

It took some time to handle the bulk but I picked myself up and got back to work. I spent days working on the perfect home for what I enjoy doing, helping people out. Afro Fate was born soon after, still growing with the same support and listeners that were there for me before.

Love was put here and I want you all to feel that whenever you receive a service from me or read a post. Feel secure knowing I’ve effort into all of my work. I may not be able to help everyone but I will try everyday to help someone.

With all that said Welcome to Afro Fate I hope I’m able to become a positive part of your life.

Meet Lulu Blackstar from Afrofate

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